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Got a tad of spare time today to unpack some things
I hadn't had the chance to yet. Also Air compressor took a major dive for the worst. I have a backup! Anyways, a little more organized, a little more comfortable. Always a good thing! Got to spend some time @ the drawing board to put time into some project design's I put on the backburner. I have something really neat in store for the world, I can't wait to unveil it- Like all things in life, they come with a wait when they are good. No rushing this one- 

Things have been soooo busy! I am not complaining! I have been waiting for things to take off like this forever. Now many people on a certain social website all of this sudden want to be under my employ, a free apprenticeship or whatnot. Yikes! This is a one man show, I cannot guarentee the work of others, nor was it in my gameplan/buisness plan I laid out. I was being pro-active when I did so, and I am glad I did. There was no rushing into this. So I apologize to all who would like work as I know how the economy is, but truth is I know where I need my buisness steered. End of Story, Old Soul is and probably always will be a one luthier shop. If somebody wants to do an apprenticeship, It could not reasonably be for free! To be honest I couldnt afford you anyways. Before I even pay myself I have to consider my next projects, materials, consumables, advertising, tooling upgrades, and keeping the lights on! Thank you for the offer everyone!

A very special tenor ukulele build in progress..... it was hard to say goodbye to her. But she took the Postal route to Oregon... Have fun out there with your new owner uh?

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